Quarterly, in Zuitt, we try to run this management cycle.

One months before every quarter starts, we start to set OKR to verbalize the gap between the status quo and the desirable status

As I founded and grew my previous company RareJob English tutorial service to the size of 4,000 tutors and 200 full time employees, I committed so many mistakes in HR area. Now, with my second start-up Zuitt, I believe I do it better than before. And I am finally able to verbalize what I’ve learnt and what I further need to improve by below matrix. (Thank you Kawai-san and Otsu-san!)

Myth of CxO

As an entrepreneur, it would be my strongest desire to create growing organization/s.
Organization/s where staff aim high and passionately learn new things to produce outstanding results.
In order to achieve this, it is essential that sales continue to grow. We will also raise the stock price if necessary. To compensate them, profitability is also important. And as a result, I keep on choosing the education and human resource fields for my start-ups

If there are ultimate choices;

A. Growing organizations with Small market cap

B. Not-growing organizations with large market cap

I’d rather A while B is the right answer in stock exchange market.

These are my current hypothetical stages to build a great new business.

1. Tackle with uncertainty (Market, Product, Business) without any product
2. Tackle with the uncertainty with MVP
3. Scale the product

Each stages are further divided into 10 steps in total.

1a. Reduce market uncertainty by doing customer…


(著者 Tomas Pueyoの許可のもと、記事”Coronavirus: Prevent Seeding and Spreading”を翻訳。共訳者: towa.ueno.1, @maquis_japan, Yoko Imafuku, takashi.sawayama, @akjac17, @Soichi_Tatsumi, @eduhousej …

Tomohisa Kato

CEO of Zuitt, No.1 coding bootcamp in Ph & AI developer. Serial entrepreneur. Founder of RareJob, that is listed in Tokyo stock exchange market (TSE6096)

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